Development Plans

In Terms Of Its Approved Development Plan, Nhoxani Will Eventually Consist Of Up To 14 Timber Structured Houses Discretely Located Across The Concession Property

Nhoxani SA (NSA) is a public Company, registered in Mozambique with the majority shareholder being Nhoxani Investments Limited (NIVL). An effective ownership structure has been established to facilitate the introduction of new shareholders. This has been approved by CPI and all funds flowing into Mozambique are registered with the Central Bank. All improvements initiated with Investors through the Holding Company are reflected in loan accounts to the Mozambique Company. Rights of use and benefit are secured in terms of Shareholders Agreements and Use Rules. All Shareholders contribute to the common infrastructure and shares in NIVL. A Shareholder's Agreement and Use Rules facilitate the arrangements for use and management of the Estate. Nhoxani has ensured that all the legalities required for attention in Mozambique have been attended to with the assistance of leading Attorneys. All investors are required to be approved by existing Shareholders. All structures are to be built within the approved designs. Employment opportunities are created to draw from the local community and all staff are registered with the Authorities. An Accounting Firm assists Nhoxani with its submissions of regular returns. Investors are encouraged to meet with Management and the Attorneys to appreciate use rights of property in Mozambique.

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